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Gun Specs

- 390 FPS
- ROF: Extreme
- Uses .25 BBs
- 7 lbs. 9 oz.
- 27 inches
- High Speed 7mm Gearbox
- Epower Extreme Upgrade
- and more ...

Our Swordfish is a Tokyo Marui MP5 AEG that was custom built by First Factory and is a very rare & hard to get gun. It belongs to Ernie and has a custom Epower Gearbox and is set up for high speed CQB.

Price: $900.00

Epowersports Airsoft Armory Gun: Swordfish

Custom Airsoft Gun Swordfish
Click for a larger image

Tokyo Marui Custom Swordfish MP5 AEG by First Factory
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Epowersports Custom Swordfish

Epowersports Custom Swordfish

Epowersports Custom Swordfish

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