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Epowersports is verified by PayPal & wants to extend select custom guns, parts & accessories for sale on our site.

Feel free to contact us if you have a question or concern in regards to any of our products for sale.

Epowersports Online Shopping

Our upgraded AEGs are built in-house by Epowersports Techs & chronographed w/ .20g BBs. We recommend using a 9.6v 3300mAh NiMh Battery or better in all of the guns featured here. An RC type battery charger is needed to properly charge this type of battery.
Our upgraded pistols are built in-house by Epowersports Techs & chronographed w/ .20g BBs. These airsoft pistols use Green Gas unless specifically noted.
Stock airsoft pistols - Blowback or Fixed Slide.
Stock guns featured here are a mix of shotguns, gas blow back guns and/or AEGs and noted as such on each item. AEGs do NOT come with a battery unless noted.
We try to feature high performance parts that we use in our custom airsoft guns in this section. If you are interested in other items not listed here, please don't hesitate to call the shop at 808-848-5162.
Featured here are high grade BBs that are highly recommended for all airsoft guns, especially those which have tight bore inner barrels. Don't use low grade BBs and risk damaging your precious AEG, AEP, Bolt Action or Pistol!
1320 Kalani Street #209
Honolulu, HI USA
Ph: 808-848-5126
Fax: 808-848-5123
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