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Installation Prices

-Adjust/Fabrication: $35/hr
-Barrel Install: $20-$25
-Bushings / Bearings: $30
-Complete Power tune: $125
-Complete Rebuild: $65
-Complete Rebuild HS: $100
-Custom FET & Labor: $100
-Custom Full Build: $125
-Cut Off Lever: $30
-Cylinder/cylinder head: $35
-External Parts/Acc: $35/hr
-External Rewire: $30
-Gears/Reshim: $40
-Internal Rewire: $45
-Metal Body Install: $35-50
-Nozzle/Tappet Plate: $30
-Pistol Labor: $40/hr
-Piston/Piston Head: $35
-Plastic Welding: $35/hr
-Rebuild Reinf Box:$100/hr
-Reverse Latch: $30
-Selector Plate: $30
-Spring/Spring Guide: $25
-Switch Assembly: $35

Epower Airsoft Services Upgrades & Repairs

Welcome to our Custom Airsoft Services, Upgrades & Repairs page! We specialize in custom building & upgrading AEGs and pistols into high speed or high power weapons and will custom build your airsoft gun to fit your personal specifications. Bring your airsoft gun in for troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance 7 days a week and get it back on average within 5 working days.

All package pricing based on Tokyo Marui AEG Gearboxes.

Epower Upgrade: $90.00   (350 - 400 fps for AEGs)
The Epower Upgrade enhances & upgrades stock AEGs to field level playability & boosts power levels to 350~400 fps. A 9.6v 3600mAh battery is recommended along with this upgrade.

  - Upgraded Spring
  - Steel Bushings
  - Shim Gears
  - Re-lube / Rebuild Gearbox
  - Piston Head Modification
  - External Gearbox Wiring
  - Reseal System & all other necessary adjustments.
    (Price includes parts & labor)


Epower Plus Upgrade: $150.00   (400 - 470 fps for AEGs)
The Epower Plus Upgrade further enhances gearbox parts while boosting power levels to 400~470 fps on most AEGs. A 9.6v 3600mAh or larger battery is required to utilize this upgrade.

  - Includes Epower Upgrade and these additional components:
  - Upgraded Bearing Type Spring Guide
  - Upgraded Bearing Type Piston Head
  - Polycarbonate Piston
  - Complete Wiring Upgrade If Needed
    (Price includes parts & labor)


Epower Modify Upgrade: $200.00   (350 - 450 fps for AEGs)
The Epower Modify Upgrade enhances standard non-reinforced type gearboxes w/ stronger parts and a modular gearset for durability and performance. A 9.6v 3600mAh battery is highly recommended along with this upgrade.

  - Includes Epower Upgrade and/or these additional components:
  - Modify Brand Modular Gear Set
  - Modify Brand Steel Bushing Set
  - Modify Brand Upgraded Spring
  - Modify Brand Upgraded Reverse Latch
  - Modify Brand Polycarbonate Piston
  - Modify Brand Bearing Type Piston Head
  - Modify Brand Bearing Type Spring Guide
    (Price includes parts & labor)


Epower Advanced Upgrade: $275.00   (350 - 450 fps for AEGs)
The Epower Advanced Upgrade greatly enhances gearbox parts and includes a Systema Gearset to boosting power levels to 350~450 fps on most AEGs and increases performance, durability & reliability. A 9.6v 3600mAh or larger battery is required to utilize this upgrade.

  - Systema Gear Set
  - Steel Bushings
  - Bearing Type Spring Guide
  - Bearing Type Piston Head
  - Reinforced Polycarbonate Piston
  - Nozzle
  - Upgraded Spring
  - Upgraded Cylinder
  - Upgraded Cylinder Head
  - Reinforced Reverse Latch
    (Price includes parts & labor)
Installation Prices

-Misc. Other Labor: $35/hr
-Overlapping labor to be
  discounted if applicable

Inspect/Diagnostic: $30
(waived if repaired at shop)

Minimum Repair Fee: $10

Rush Fee: $50

Storage Fee: $30/mo
(For items beyond 30 days)

AEG Maintenance: $45
Inspect gearbox for worn or damaged parts, clean, lube & seal. (Repairs, shimming or parts are additional)

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