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Epowersports Custom Airsoft Guns & Pistols

Welcome to our airsoft guns page! You will find links for custom airsoft guns, used airsoft guns & our personal airsoft armory guns.

We feature new & hard to find airsoft AEGs and airsoft pistols in our inventory made by Tokyo Marui, G&P, G&G, Western Arms, Marushin, Maruzen & more!

Our Used Airsoft Guns are always rebuilt and further upgraded before going back on sale at the shop. We closely inspect for worn or damaged parts, faulty electrical wiring & improperly installed parts and fix them or replace them with new parts as needed.

All of our Custom Airsoft Guns are hand built by Ernie, the shop owner, or our techs based on his philosophy that keeping the customer's best interest in mind is the most important thing. One thing to remember about upgraded custom airsoft guns is that with increased performance there is a trade off on durability. We strive to find the balance between performance & reliability. We specialize in upgrading & customizing AEGs, pistols & bolt action rifles into high performance weapons.

Our Airsoft Armory page features rare AEG's & the one of a kind heavily upgraded personal airsoft weapons of our shop staff.
Remember that according to Hawaii State Law, you must be 18 years or older to purchase airsoft guns & all guns must be in their case when transporting them in public.

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