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Epowersports No FPS Limit Airsoft Game

Welcome to the Epowersports airsoft game page! We are the only shop to feature an exclusive airsoft game on Oahu with a No FPS Limit. Our events are invite only with no walk-ons allowed. Please sign up in person at the shop!

For safety reasons, full facemasks are required for all players - no exceptions! That means complete eye protection w/ shatterproof lens (no mesh or screen), hard plastic covering your entire face, mouth & nose and soft padding over your ears - A paintball mask is perfect! It is highly recommended to also wear gloves, top/back of head & neck protection.

No Full Facemask, No Play!

Event: Epower Friday Night Game
Date: Friday Jan 7, 2011
Time: 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Cost: $15
FPS: 500 fps Nimitz Rules
Sign Up: SIGN-UP LIST IS OPEN till 1/7/11!
Location: Hawaii All Star Paintball + Airsoft.
Directions: Call Shop 848-5126.
Other: Bring food & drinks for the entire day.
Sign up list is OPEN until 5/22/10.

No FPS Limit Game 001
Mahalos Winston!

No FPS Limit Game 002
Mahalos Winston!

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